Effects of Crime Type and Location on Park Use Behavior

Increased crime in parks and near home was associated with fewer park visits. Greater violent crime in all locations was related tofewer park visits. Park ratings were lower for parks with high violent crime rates. Given the importance of parks as settings for outdoor recreationand physical activity, crime may have a detrimental effect on physical activity and, therefore, public health.

Can parks help cities fight crime?

Some parks reduce violence in the local vicinity. Other parks attract crime. The difference has to do with how these urban green spaces are designed, programmed and managed, experts say.

Different Views From The 606: Examining the Impacts of an Urban Greenway on Crime in Chicago

Parks and greenways provide many benefits to urban communities, but their relationship to crime is often debated. We examined the links between an elevated linear trail and crime within census block groups (CBGs) surrounding Chicago’s Bloomingdale Trail, colloquially known as The 606.