Listservs of interest

These are some listservs that might be of interest to people at the intersection of social and ecological fields. I would have liked to know about them earlier in my PhD journey so here they are for others.


This is an ecology focused listserv but will have opportunities and announcements that sometimes cross over fields.


This is the discussion board for the US chapter of the International Association for Landscape Ecology (IALE).

Recreation Ecology

This is the listserv for the Recration Ecology Research Network.

Earth Sciences Job Board

Looks to be just opportunities in the earth sciences, that’s helpful.

Society for Conservation GIS

You have to sign up for this one.


This is out of Arizona State, but has opportunities in the region.


You have to login to this one. SPRENET is popular in the recreation field.

(I’ll add more as I find them)

Scott Ogletree
Scott Ogletree
Lecturer in Landscape and Wellbeing