Climate Graph In R

31 Jan 2017

Climate Plot for Clemson in R


Recently I ran across a tutorial that sought to recreate Edward Tufte’s climate plot for Dayton, OH. It was by Brad Boehmke and can be found here.

As I am always looking for a way to build up my R skills, I decided to try Brad’s script for my local weather station. The Clemson area weather station is at a small airport, and it seems that they have data back to 1930 (nice!). I was able to figure out the weatherunderground API and return csv output.

On inspection there are a few years missing in the 1990’s, but with a 85 year timespan I ended up with 30122 records.

After tweaking things I was able to produce the plot found here. This shows how 2016 average daily temperatures compare to the previous records back to 1930.

The script can be found at my other github account - Climate Script. Have a go with your local weather station! A pdf of the plot can be found here

Some notes